Natural & Delicious wet food

Natural & Delicious wet food pursues Farmina’s nutritional philosophy for carnivores, as a complete and nutritionally appropriate diet based on the biological needs of cats and dogs.
Each recipe combines a careful selection of high-quality regionally sourced ingredients such as real chunks of meat, slices of fish, eggs, sweet potato and pieces of fruit that you can see with your own eyes by just opening a can.
Farmina’s careful selection of the best ingredients and their one of a kind proprietary technology allows for the preparation of N&D Prime, N&D Pumpkin and N&D Ocean without any industrial gums, carrageenan, or stabilizers. The food is cooked just once, to better preserve the nutritional and organoleptic features of the ingredients. The result is a genuine food, ready to eat.

Complete food with natural ingredients
The experience gained by the Farmina Vet Research team by studying the nutritional needs of cats and dogs through cruelty-free research led to the development of wet food diets that are nutritionally complete.
All diets are formulated without genetically modified organisms, colorants, and artificial preservatives.

Free-range Italian chicken
Italian wild boarGrass-fed New Zeland lamb. High quality quail. High quality venison. High quality duckItalian eggsFish from sustainable fishing methods. Organic Italian QuinoaPumpkin, rich in soluble fiber and natural antioxidants. Regionally sourced fruit, naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Unlike other products, N&D wet food is gently steamed only once to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional features.
Farmina respects the environment by using only fully recyclable cans.
To protect the well-being of your pet and the natural principle of N&D products, our cans do not contain BPA.

Most canned pet food available on the market today, are missing precious nutrients that are necessary to meet all of the nutritional needs of cats and dogs. These products are typically supplementary and require integrations or to be fed in conjunction with a complete diet as they could lead to dietary deficiencies which can be potentially harmful to a pet’s health.
Instead, Farmina created complete diets which have ALL the necessary nutrients for the daily wellbeing of our four-legged family members. Complete foods such as the range of Natural & Delicious wet diets can be fed exclusively.
The high-quality ingredients used in these diets are the same ingredients that go into Natural & Delicious dry kibble.

The all natural complete wet nutrition is now served.
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