N&D Ocean

The benefits of seafood are now available in your pet’s favorite food.
Farmina uses the best raw materials to formulate foods without cereals or with limited contents of ancestral cereals. In the constant search for ingredients that are healthy for our four-legged friends, we explored the sea and we found naturally rich raw materials like precious Omega-3, natural antioxidants with multiple properties. N&D Ocean, with 98% high quality ingredients of animal origin.

Most canned pet food available on the market is missing precious nutrients that are necessary to meet all of the nutritional needs of cats and dogs.
These products are typically referred to as supplementary and require integrations or to be fed in conjunction with a complete diet as they could lead to deficiencies or potentially harmful imbalances.
Instead, N&D Ocean foods, both dry and wet, are complete foods containing ALL the necessary nutrients for the daily well-being of our four-legged family members. Complete foods such as the range of Natural & Delicious wet diets can be fed either exclusively or in mix feeding.

Suitable for ALL SIZES
N&D Ocean dry food is available in two kibble sizes: Mini and Medium&Maxi to best suit the size of your dog. N&D Ocean wet food is available in an its “285g all breed version can”, and a Mini one, with smaller chunks, available in a 140g can. All the cans used in Farmina are fully recyclable, without BPA, and use a sustainable paper label.

The wide range of N&D ocean is formulated using several types of fish, such as:

  • Cod from the Pacific Ocean
  • Boreal Shrimp
  • Lake Trout and European Squid
  • Salmon from the Atlantic Ocean
  • Norwegian Herring
  • Sea Bass from the Mediterranean Sea