Monitoring your pet’s urinary pH

Find out everything you need to know about this simple, quick, painless yet insightful exam that reveals potential health risks for your pet at an early stage. Act quickly in response to these early warning signs!

What is urinary pH and how can this value help our beloved pets?
Urinary pH measures the acidity or the alkalinity of urine. The pH value can be altered with a specific diet but certain readings can also be an early warning sign for infections or other diseases.
Ideally, to be considered at a healthy level, the urinary pH value should be around 6.5 for both cats and dogs. If the pH is acidic ( below 5.5/6) or alkaline (above 7/7.5) it could be the ideal environment for bacteria, crystals, or even stones to form which could have a negative effect on your pet’s health.
Do not panic! Throughout the day there are several pH variations in the urine due to food intake or the assumption of medicines. In this case, the urinalysis will be able to draw a more accurate diagnostic. If the urinary pH is constantly abnormal, you should refer to your Veterinarian for further observation.

How is the urinary ph exam performed?
This exam, known as Litmus test, can be performed at your Veterinarian’s office. It is an extremely quick exam that helps determine whether a urine sample is acidic or alkaline depending on the color that is returned on a special type of paper known as “Litmus Paper”.
After collecting the sample and dipping the Litmus paper, we can notice some immediate changes in the color, which will switch to the one corresponding to the alkaline or acidic pH, letting us know the exact value for our sample.

Track urinary pH levels and build a dynamic nutrition plan
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Tip from the Farmina Genius
Urinary pH, in many cases, can be brought to a normal range through a specific diet. Contact your Veterinarian to examine this value and to enable your Farmina Genius Pet Health Coach to build a dynamic nutrition plan centered around your pet’s unique needs.