Convalescence Wet Food Canine

Nutritional restoration, convalescence.
Farmina Vet Life Convalescence is a complete dietetic food for dogs, suggested for the nutritional restoration, convalescence.
Instructions for use: it is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use. Administration under veterinary supervision in the case of feeding via tubing. Feeding via tubing may need diluition. Recommended length of time: until restoration is achieved. Serve the product as it is, at room temperature, following the daily quantity indicated in the table. The daily quantity can change according to breed, environment, physical exercise, temperament and the seriousness of the illness. The ration can be divided into two daily meals or more. It is recommended to mix initially this product with the previously used diet. Water should be available at all times.

Convalescence Wet Food Canine
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Chicken meat, sweet potato, hydrolysed fish proteins, chicken livers, fish (sardine and tuna), eggs liquid yolk, quinoa seeds, fish oil, animal fat (chicken), linseed oil, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, inulin (0.15%), yeast extract (source of mannanooligosaccharides), pea fibre, sodium chloride, brewer’s dried yeast, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate.

ingredienti e nutrizione

additivi per kg

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 5140IU; Vitamin D3 310IU; Vitamin E 200mg; zinc chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 280mg; manganese chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 114mg; ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate 53mg; copper chelate of the analogous methionine hydroxylase 19mg; selenized yeast inactivated 19mg; calcium iodate anhydrous 0.7mg; taurine 1000mg. Sensory additives: green tea extract 30mg.

componenti analitici

Crude protein 11.60%; crude oils and fats 5.70%; crude fibre 0.24%; crude ash 3.40%; moisture 73.00%; calcium 0.40%; phosphorus 0.25%; Omega-3 fatty acids 0.10%; Omega-6 fatty acids 0.70%; EPA 0.03%; DHA 0.04%.

valore energetico

EM Kcal/Kg 1188 - Mj/Kg 4,97

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