N&D Spirulina

N&D spirulina, GRAIN-free foods for the WELL-BEING of cats and dogs.
N&D Spirulina is the new and first line of foods developed by Farmina to support the well-being of active cats and dogs. With Spirulina, a super ingredient full of great nutritional and health benefits. Made without grains and with over 90% of protein from animal origin. 

 WHY spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue algae with a characteristic spiral shape and is considered a super food. 
In recent years it is has been widely used in human nutrition for its numerous nutritional qualities. 

A source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it is recognized for many properties:

✔ Stimulates the immune system;
✔ Strong antioxidant activity, with noticeable effects on skin and hair;
✔ Maintains lean mass thanks to its action in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates;
✔ Digestive benefits;

Farmina has dedicated a whole line of food to Spriulina for pets of all ages and well-balanced for their well-being.


Spirulina - the ideal ingredient for active pets

The activity of Spirulina it is mainly linked to a particular compound contained in it, phycocyanin, that together with chlorophyll, regulates the activities of this algae.
The most important feature of this superfood is certainly the ability to reduce the formation of fat. This makes it an ideal ingredient to support the maintenance of a correct shape.

The Genius recommends...

To keep your pet in shape it is essential that it performs proper physical activity as well as receiving a proper nutrition to meet its needs.

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Discover the best N&D Spirulina recipe for your active pet

Choose among 6 tasty recipes with Lamb or Herring for active puppies, kittens and adults.
Available in 1,5 kg size for cats; 2 kg and 7 kg sizes for dogs.

Why suggest a food with spirulina?

Many scientific studies attest its beneficial effects for pets

Digestion Benefits

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Skin regeneration and healing
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Supports the immune system
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The effects on physical activity

Improves exercise endurance
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Promotes the maintenance of lean body mass
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