Technology and Controls

The constant technological improvement to the basis of quality and naturalness of our products.
In Farmina we believe that technology can be a friend, , especially when it becomes a tool to improve the quality of our products. We are always looking for the latest innovations that will allow us to pursue our mission: to create natural foods whose effectiveness is scientifically validated.In the production of our food, we use two unique technologies and special packaging that improve the quality of our products while preserving the naturalness.

TWIN-SCREW (twin screw extruder), mainly adopted in the field of food production for human use (such as pasta, cookies, etc.), ensures better gelatinization of starch, with an increase in terms of mixing and baking of 20-25% compared to single-screw systems. The end result is a lower denaturation of nutrients resulting in increased digestibility of our food.

VACUUM COATER: fatting Integration of the lipids in the  product is made using the Vacuum Coater system, ensuring the better and homogenic distribution throughout entire croquette.. In addition, this technology allows us to include vitamins on lower temperatures thus preventing thermal stress and obtaining a greater duration of their effectiveness, keeping vitamins safe and not destroyed from the heat – Farmina’s concept of Long Life Vitamins.

CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGING: Great attention is paid to the moment of packaging, using nitrogen, a volatile gas that dissipates once you open the bag but within the packaged product, replaces the oxygen avoiding fat oxidation and therefore rancidity. A technological solution also used in human foods and a technology that guarantees the preservation of nutrients over time, thanks to a complete isolation of the croquettes from the outside world.

The quality control system is  very important in food industry as it ensures customers have the best product in terms of organoleptic quality, freshness and integrity. Our quality control system monitors the entire production cycle. Part of this process is a selection, which through the control of raw materials and of the production cycle which is followed by verification of the finished product before shipping, and the subsequent controls.
Farmina invests heavily in continuous control of quality. Our team regularly checks all raw materials and, in the same way, each production batch is subject to in-depth analysis that can span up to 18 months.
According to a strict audit process, all raw materials come from certified suppliers. The production runs are all tracked, which allows Farmina to intervene promptly when it is necessary and reconstruct the history of each package of food. In addition, the NIR (Near Infrared) analysis of the raw materials and finished products, allows a complete real-time monitoring of both incoming raw materials and finished products. The laboratory is also supported by outside laboratories for all aspects related to food safety according to a close analysis plan default. In terms of controls, we pay special attention to allall activities related to ensure the absence of mycotoxins and aflatoxins.