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  • Your dog or cat are individuals just like humans who have a unique body shape, metabolism, lifestyle, and habits. These different characteristics cannot be ignored when planning for the most critical component of their existence: nutrition.

    At Farmina we believe proper nutrition is key to your pet's lifelong health. For this reason, we have built a team of highly specialized individuals who, with the support of technology, will design a customized nutritional plan for your pet.

    With Farmina Nutritional Consultants located throughout the world, we will pair you with someone located in your area to provide a free-of-charge nutritional consultation to build the perfect nutritional plan for your four-legged family member.

    "If we need dietitians for to cosult us for diets, we feel all pets also have the right to receive dedicated nutritional support, provided by specialists, to ensure their wellbeing."

    Ikshita, Farmina’s Consultant.
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