Pet Care Program

As loving Pet Parents, we would like to give our pets the happiest and healthiest life ever, but we know that when it comes to our pet’s health, love is not enough.To achieve this, expert support is needed from a competent person: The Farmina Genius in collaboration with you and your Vet.
One of the most proactive decisions we can make is to enroll your pet in the Farmina Genius Pet Care Program, which has been developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists to help provide a longer, happier, and healthier life for your pet.
Let’s discover what the Pet Care Program can do for you and your pet with the help of your new blue family member that can make all your wishes come true, the Farmina Genius.

The 5 Key Indicators
Our beloved pets can send silent warnings which, if noticed, can help us detect many diseases or issues at an early stage.
By monitoring a few key indicators, we may prevent heavy pharmaceutical treatments, surgery, and sometimes even save our pet’s lives.
The Farmina Pet Care Program allows us to monitor 5 key indicators that can help us take care of their well-being:

  • Body Shape (Weight and Body Condition Score)
  • Dynamic Nutrition Plan
  • Water Intake
  • Urinary pH Control
  • Health Check
    Stool analysis
Monitoring these 5 simple “checkpoints” allows us to act accordingly on the healthy animal and on numerous pathological conditions right away.
Let’s see how by digging deeper into these 5 Key Indicators!

1. Body Shape (Weight and Body Condition Score)
This is the key and starting point for your pet’s happy and healthy life.
Weight is a parameter that is quite easy to check at home and constant monitoring can help prevent obesity, a condition related to several pathologies such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and in some cases even reproductive issues.
Make sure you learn how to assess your pet’s BCS correctly, as this indicator can help you gain an overall better interpretation of your pet’s weight.
Thanks to the Farmina Genius Pet Care Program, you will be able to keep your pet happy and healthy with the expert support from the Farmina Genius and your Veterinarian.
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2. Water Intake
This is an important indicator, as an increase in daily water intake, when not related to environmental or activity factors, can be an alarm bell for a large number of potential pathologies.
Let your Farmina Genius Pet Health Coach help you in evaluating and monitoring your pet’s water intake to promptly react in case of anomalies.
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3. Urinary pH Control
With the support of your trusted Veterinarian, monitoring this indicator will help you to promptly react to any possible alterations.
An altered urinary pH, in fact, can be the alarm bell for some issues to the lower urinary tract such as struvite or oxalate crystals and other pathologies such as cystitis.
The correct nutrition can maintain the urinary pH within physiological levels. Ask your Veterinarian and Farmina Genius Pet Health Coach how to periodically monitor this indicator and feed your pet the correct way.
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4. Health Check
The Pet Care Program always has prevention as a top priority.
Thanks to Farmina Genius App, you will be able to keep track of several analyses that should be performed on your pet with the constant assistance of the Farmina Genius and your trusted Vet:

  • Bloodwork
  • Urinalysis
  • Stools analysis
  • Vaccinations
Upload the results of these checks on your Farmina Genius App to have them always at your fingertips
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5. Dynamic Nutrition Plan
The Dynamic Nutrition Plan is a truly crucial instrument that is at the disposal of every Pet Parent to help them take exceptional care of their pets. This plan will help keep your four-legged family member in top shape throughout each life stage by providing the right food in the correct quantities.
It is, to all intents and purposes, a truly DYNAMIC plan that varies according to your pet’s unique needs.
The concept of Learn more about this Key Indicator by visiting the dedicated article HERE

Tip from the Farmina Genius
Download Farmina Genius App FOR FREE and follow these easy steps to enroll your pet in the Farmina Genius Pet Care Program right away. What are you waiting for?!

  1. Download Farmina Genius App;
  2. Insert your pet’s information and connect with your personal Genius Pet Health Coach;
  3. Get your pet’s tailored dynamic nutrition plan;
  4. Keep track of your pet’s 5 Key Indicators over time with your Vet.