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Name: Ahava - Location: New York, NY
Name: Ahava - Location: New York, NY


We love hearing all of the incredible stories that Farmina pet parents share with us. They understand that feeding an all-natural nutritional diet such as our Natural & Delicious products can provide a positive impact on their loved one's lives. 

As a Farmina parent yourself, we invite you to share your experience of how feeding Farmina to your cat or dog has helped your four-legged family member (and yourself) live a happier and healthier life. 

Please send us your Farmina story including a photo of your pet along with your contact information to with the subject "My Farmina Story." Each month we will pick the most impactful story and award that pet parent a FREE bag of Farmina's Natural & Delicious food and share their story on our website below and our social media channels. 

We look forward to hearing your story!


Well, this little girl was the pickiest eater in the entire world!!! I can't even tell you the stress she gave me. I tried absolutely EVERY single food out there. It took me 3 years to get her to eat. (Not lying) She was a very sick puppy. I can't even begin to tell you the leaps and bounds I took to get her to eat food!! She would even turn away people food. She was always VERY skinny so skinny she looked like she lived on the streets. I now have to cut back her Farmina because as you can see she's getting a little plump. Farmina really is a great food and she's still eating it with no hesitation! Our sweet and precious Luna Tuna! She wanted more. Before and after picture of when I told her no more. Can you guess which is which? Lol #parvosurvivor #pickyeaternomore #Farmina

Thank you Farmina for helping our sweet Luna have an appetite!
The Valenzuela Pack!