N&D wet food

Natural & Delicious wet food: Gently steamed carnivore nutrition for cats and dogs.
The N&D Wet Food line combines a careful selection of the highest quality regionally sourced fresh cuts of meat, fish, and fruits from Europe with the benefits of a minimally processed wholesome recipe. Our technology is the result of knowledge and passion for carnivore nutrition. From our kitchen to yours, as an Italian family tradition since 1965 at Farmina, we cook our delicious foods in-house with the best quality whole natural ingredients we can find in Europe. 

Complete food with natural ingredients
The experience gained by the Farmina Vet Research team by studying the nutritional needs of cats and dogs through cruelty-free research led to the development of wet food diets that are nutritionally complete.
All diets are formulated without genetically modified organisms, colorants, and artificial preservatives.

Yes, at Farmina we take our foods very seriously. We use only the highest quality, wholesome European ingredients from select local producers. We continuously check the quality and cleanliness of our ingredients; this is our way to ensure the most Natural & Delicous GMO-Free nutrition for our beloved fur-babies. 

  • Free-range chicken from Italy
  • Wild boar from the Tuscany & Umbria regions
  • Grass-fred lamb from New Zealand
  • Quail from Europe
  • Venison from Europe
  • Duck from Europe
  • Free-range chicken eggs from Italy
  • Sustainably sourced fish from Europe
  • Organic Quinoa from Italy
  • Pumpkin from Italy
  • Regionally sourced fruits and vegetables from Italy and France

Traditionally, wet foods are produced using a 2-step cooking process which impacts the nutritional value of the final product. Instead, we have implemented a 1-step gentle steam technology to maintain the natural wholesomeness of each ingredient. The result is a minimally processed genuine food in the convenience of a can. The diets are all free of Guar, Xanthan, Cassia, All Industrial Gums, and Carrageenan. 
Farmina respects the environment and the well-being of your pet by using only fully recyclable cans that do not contain BPA. 

The high-quality ingredients used in these diets are the same ingredients that go into Natural & Delicious dry kibble.

The all natural complete wet nutrition is now served.
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