Which are the raw materials used in Natural & Delicious?

High protein sources of high quality fresh meat.
Natural & Delicious uses as a protein base chicken, lamb, wild boar, fish and eggs.
All our meats are without antibiotics, hormones and preservatives, of fresh slaughter, with no by-products of the animal.
Wild boar meat, red meat protein source is derived from wild herds of Tuscany and Umbria.
The chicken meat comes from whole chickens reared on Italian soil from well known producers.
The fish, valuable source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, is caught in the seas of Northern Europe and is low chloride content, rich in protein and amino acids.
The lamb meat, high quality red meat protein source, comes from free-range New Zealand farms. The eggs, are fresh, never frozen and without preservatives before dehydrating.

Fats are fundamental compounds of natural diet of carnivores and are easily assimilated because they come from animal sources, not from plants or vegetables.
Scientific studies have shown that animal fats are more quickly assimilated and absorbed by carnivores, in particular the use of fish oil allows to guarantee the proper intake of essential fatty acids in addition to a good palatability of the product.
In N&D range the fat content is given by the only presence of animal fatty acids from chicken fat and fish oil, characterized by a greater contribution to EPA, DHA and the omega-3 series fatty acids.

Both lines of Natural & Delicious contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals through a careful selection of fruits and vegetables: pomegranate, apple, orange, black currants, blueberries, spinach and carrots.
Apple and pomegranate are healthy sources of fiber that can aid digestion. They are rich in phyto-nutrients and natural antioxidants, which protect against free radicals. Currants and blueberries contain vitamins and natural antioxidants that fight aging and heart disease.
Spinach in addition to being rich in vitamins, contain iron and other minerals with purifying and anti-anemic properties.
Orange is a great source of Vitamin C and minerals salts that promote diuresis and have purifying properties.
Carrots contain vitamin A and antioxidants.

The natural diet of dogs and cats contains very few carbohydrates, because their metabolism has evolved to take energy from protein and animal fat. Therefore carbohydrates are, for our animals, not first choice calories, which could contribute to the onset of diseases related to overweight like diabetes and insulin resistance. For this reason, the Natural & Delicious products have almost no carbohydrates.
Viceversa, the majority of foods on the market, contains from 40% to 60% carbohydrates, due to the presence of industrial cereals in the composition of the products.
In N&D Products, furthermore, we don't use corn but only ancestral cereals typical of italian tradition such as spelt and oats which are not GMO risk.

Medicinal plants with specific properties to a targeted effect.
Medicinal plants to a targeted effect present in the Natural & Delicious line products, reproduce the tendency of animals to select instinctively in their food, plants and herbs that they eat to cure their health and improve their wellbeing.
Natural & Delicious products are enriched with alfalfa, psyllium, rosemary, turmeric, aloe vera and green tea which tone and strengthen the organs and tissues, stimulating the elimination of toxins.