Puppies, Pill Tips

The choice to adopt a puppy is both a love choice and an important decision as it is a bond which lasts several years. When a puppy joins a new home it's a moment of pure joy, but it's necessary to pay a lot of attention at this first approach.
Lots of doubts can come, most of all if it's our first experience with a puppy. It is crucial to prepare a safe and appropriate environment to let it accustom to the new house, but we must take also care about other aspects of its future life like healthnutrition and education. In addition to all, some little advice can be useful.

Everything will be new for it: the environment, the smells, the sounds and the people around it. For this reason is necesssary that the first impression of the house is calm and reassuring. The puppy will be confused and will gradually become familiar with the new environment and therefore it will need a place where it can feel safe and comfortable. It is important that the kennel should never be a place of punishment, but a pleasant retreat for the puppy: you should avoid sending it to the kennel after a scolding. To let it feel less alone when we are out, we could leave in the kennel a garment that preserves our scent.
The first night could be complicated because the little one could have troubles in becoming familiar with the new house. It’s our duty to reassure and let it feel safe.
Never let a puppy sleep on the bare floor, it is too cold for it. To let it rest sheltered we can put close to it a clock: complete silence can intimidate it and the ticking hands could help it feel in company and safe.

how to behave with the puppy
Our new little puppy will need all of your attentions.
The little puppy will need all of our attention and we will have to be patient and teach it, gently and constantly, first rules for a good behavior inside the house. Here is some advice to let it accustom properly in the new house.
You will have to be patient and make the puppy understand, gradually, not having to mess in the house and not to bite and chew all that is around it. Incontinence is very common in puppies and to swallow everything they find is their way to understand the world around them. Luckily these habits will disappear with growth.
Establish immediately (within the first 2-3 days of its arrival) where the dog will live, where it will be allowed to have access to and when and where to eat, where it will stay overnight. These rules are expected to become more commonplace that an obligation for him.

how to behave with the puppy
It is important to put the puppy in a position to not mess up: you have to try to keep out of reach anything that it might break or destroy, leaving it available to different objects or toys which can vent his curiosity.
A puppy has a lot more energy than an adult dog and different physiological needs. For this reason, at this early stage of its life, you will have to intensify walks out and the opportunities for play and socialization with other dogs, both puppies and adults.
At least during the first few months it would be preferable not to leave it unleashed. The puppy not having familiarized with all the noise, could be frightened by something and have a reactions that we are not always able to control (as, for example, run into the street).

health Precautions
The puppy will have to undergo the vaccination protocol required by law, must be microchipped and regularly writing to the canine reference (as required by Italian law). It would also be preferable if it had a plate with its name and a telephone number in the unlikely event that escaped our control.

It would be convenient to feed the puppy three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) and it is NOT recommended to walk the puppy immediately after eating as this can cause a number of problems in the digestive system. It would be preferable to wait at least a couple of hours.
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