Kittens, Pill tips

The choice to adopt a kitten is both a love choice and important decision as it is a bond which lasts several years. When a kitten joins a new home it's a moment of pure joy, but it's necessary to pay a lot of attention at this first approach. Lots of doubts can come, most of all if it's our first experience with a kitten.
It is crucial to prepare a safe and appropriate environment to let it accustom to the new house, but we must take also care about other aspects of its future life like healthnutrition and education. In addition to all, some little advice can be useful.

Cats are often considered independent, but this doesn't mean they don't need attention. Which is the best way to welcome a kitten?
First of all we must consider that when a kitten enters a new house it's a delicate situation because everything is new and undiscovered. This is why it may take some days to explore the new territory and decide to trust people around itself. At first, to feel safe, it needs a special place just for itself where to hide and observe what happens around. This will let it be much more confident in the environment that surrounds itself. Kittens need a lot of sleep. Cast usually are “nap champions”, they pass two thirds of their lives sleeping. Leave your pet asleep, don’t take it and wake it up just to cuddle, it’s better to leave it alone calm and safe.

To let the kitten feel safe as soon as it gets home, it is advisable to reserve it a personal corner providing a bed where to rest, whatever it takes to let it eat and drink and, maybe the most important thing, a litter with appropriate sand. The kitten will get used soon to the litter and will use it for its business. It’s crucial to clean the litter once a day and to change the litter sand at least once a week. Give the kitten the time to accustom properly dividing the house in a play zone, a nutrition zone, cleaning zone and rest zone.
Never let a kitten sleep on the bare floor, it is too cold for it. To let it rest sheltered we can put close to it a clock: complete silence can intimidate it and the ticking hands could help it feel in company and safe.

Cats are often described like independent and lonely animals, actually physical contact is really important in the early months of a kitten’s life: to see the birth of a bond of trust with it you should hold it, pet it and cuddle it. This is the way to build a long-lasting relationship.

Cats are really active animals and curious as well, this means it’s important to ensure the kitten something to do inside the house. To avoid that the kitten plays with ornaments, tents or sofas it is necessary to let him have fun in a way suitable for its temperament. Some domestic toys can be helpful, but you need to remember to change them now or then to stimulate curiosity in the kitten. Never use hands as a toy or the kitten will learn to attack them.

Cat is a clean animal and provides more times in a day by itself at its own hygiene. It is strongly NOT recommended to wash it with dry shampoo or other chemical detergents which are not welcome and can also be harmful: if the kitten feels to have dirty hair, it will lick itself and could ingest the chemicals sprayed. If we want to help clean the kitten, let’s just use a soft cloth mildly moistened with water.

During the first week of cohabitation it’s recommended to go to your veterinarian for a complete visit and vaccinations, such as rabies and Chlamydia. This visit has also relevance in kitten’s education, because it will start to get used to other people and it will learn how to interact with them.

Nutrition plays one of main roles in the moments to get close to the cat since its first days in the new house. It’s important to choose high quality food, but in a first period it is recommended to let it eat the food it is used to. To switch from a food to another you should proceed in stages, but it is crucial to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations. One kitten and one adult have different nutritional needs: kittens are usually more hungry and they will need to eat several times in a day.
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