Evaluating and monitoring your pet’s weight

Evaluating and monitoring your pet’s weight

As Pet Parents, we must constantly remind ourselves that weight is an essential factor in the overall health and well-being of your pet. Maintaining an ideal weight is an effective way to reduce the onset of related pathologies such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and in some cases even reproductive issues. Have no fear! Keep your pet happy and healthy with expert support from the Farmina Genius and your Veterinarian. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is hard work but it is always worth a shot with adequate nutrition and exercise! In addition to effort, however, one must also be consistent in monitoring the weight in order to evaluate results when implementing a weight loss plan and to avoid overdoing it once the target weight is reached. Whether your pet is underweight, overweight, or at an ideal weight, any Pet Parent can rest assured of a smooth path to wellness! Let’s take a look at how to measure your pet’s weight and how to always keep it in check!

How to easily evaluate your pet’s weight
Let’s first start with the basics. The evaluation of your pet’s weight first depends on the size. Our smaller friends, such as toy, mini dogs, puppies, kittens or cats can be weighed using conventional kitchen scales. This type of technique, from which we are able to evaluate the weight with detail to the gram, is extremely valuable because even a few grams can make a difference in very small dogs. Slightly larger dogs and cats can be weighed on a normal bathroom scale either directly or by holding the pet in your arms and then weighing yourself. After performing these two steps, the difference between the two weights will indicate the weight of the pet. For large dogs, a dedicated scale is needed but don’t worry!

Pet Parents can always count on the special scales that can be found in our Farmina Genius Centers or at your local Veterinary clinic. Don’t know where your nearest Farmina Genius Center is located? Just ask your local Genius Consultant in the chat.

Farmina Genius tips
  • If you can comfortably lift your dog, you can weigh it with a standard bathroom scale, go on it and subtract your weight from the total
  • To monitor and ensure uniform data, weigh your pet under the same conditions. It is advisable to weigh your pet either in the morning, around the same time of the day, or before the first meal
  • If your puppy or kitten won’t stand still on the kitchen scale, use the bathroom scale technique, it might be easier!
  • If your dog is too heavy for you, you can put on the scale a larger and stable platform and, then again, subtract the weight of the platform to the total weight displayed once your pet steps on it
Do you have more questions? Ask me whatever you desire in the chat below!

Monitoring your pet’s weight right at your fingertips
After having measured your pet’s weight using the recommended solutions, it is time to discover its ideal weight, to monitor it periodically and to establish a sustainable 360° plan with the expert advice of your trusted Genius Consultant. Begin by downloading Farmina Genius App for FREE on your smartphone and enrolling your pet in the Pet Care Program. Record your pet’s weight periodically and touch base with a Genius Consultant who will provide expert assistance by developing a dynamic nutrition plan. The plan will take into account each unique need that will help your lovely pet reach or maintain the desired weight goal. With your Vet’s support, these frequent checks will help adjust the nutrition plan to meet the new needs in case there is an increase in activity or other values determined by a changing life stage. The dynamic nutrition plan will include the rationing and feeding frequency of your pet’s favorite Farmina feed. Not only will your pet reach an ideal weight and develop a healthier lifestyle, but he will also enjoy the process by trying the most mouth-watering recipes! What are you waiting for?! Take the first step towards your pet’s well-being, evaluate your pet’s weight and then download Farmina Genius App! Our Genius Consultants are ready to assist you with a warm smile and their extensive knowledge.