Wet or Dry? Mixed feeding is the answer!

Wet or Dry? Mixed feeding is the answer!

Many pet parents have to face the ultimate question on what type of food is best for their pets, wet or dry? In this article we will illustrate the pros of both types, and why mix feeding could be the solution.

Wet or Dry? What to choose?

When it comes to choosing the right type of food for your furry friend, there are two main options: wet or dry food. Both have their advantages, but choosing one type of food over the other can be difficult for many pet parents.

Pros of Dry Food

Dry food is the most fed type of pet food and for many good reasons: it is convenient, affordable, and has a long shelf life, making it easy to store and serve. It is also easy to measure and control portions, which is important for pets that need to watch their weight. Not to mention that dry food is also beneficial for your pet’s oral hygiene. In fact, the crunchy texture of kibbles can help remove plaque and tartar, reducing the risk of dental problems such as gum disease.

Pros of Wet Food

Wet food, for many years has been exclusively used as a complementary food, as a treat or to make a meal more appealing. Nowadays, they are available also as complete foods, and can be used as part of a balanced meal.

Among the advantages of wet food is its high moisture content, which makes it slightly more digestible than dry food and helps in keeping your pet hydrated.

Moreover, some picky eaters may also find it more palatable compared to the dry option.

Why Mix Feeding?

Both wet and dry food have their advantages and choosing one type of food over the other can be a difficult decision.
Rather than choosing one type of food over the other, pet parents may want to consider mix feeding.
Mixing both can provide a balance of benefits, such as hydration from wet food and dental health from dry food. Additionally, mix feeding can provide variety in taste and texture, which can be appealing to pets with picky appetites.

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