A unique diet for your unique pet – The importance of a dynamic nutritional plan

A unique diet for your unique pet – The importance of a dynamic nutritional plan

As a responsible pet parent, you strive to provide the best nutrition for your beloved companion. While reading labels on pet food bags is a common practice, it often overlooks the unique needs of individual pets. In this article, we explore the concept of dynamic nutrition plans and how they go beyond traditional feeding methods by considering various factors such as age, activity levels, and special needs.

Beyond the feeding guide
While the feeding guide on pet food packaging provides a general starting point, it does not consider the diverse needs of pets. Factors such as age, life stage, activity level, and special conditions can significantly impact a pet's nutritional requirements. 
Farmina’s dynamic nutrition plans take it a step further, considering the above variables, and more, so to provide tailored nutrition plans that promote optimal health and well-being of dogs and cats.

What makes them dynamic?
They are designed to be reviewed and adjusted as needed, accommodating to the changes in a pet’s requirements over time. Whether it be shifts in age, weight, life stage, activity level, or the emergence of special conditions, these plans remain responsive to ensure that pets receive the optimal nutrition necessary for their ongoing health and well-being.
Let’s explore the different factors that are considered in the creation of a plan.

Age and life stage: Pets' nutritional requirements vary significantly depending on their age and life stage. Puppies and kittens have higher energy needs during growth phases, while senior pets may require diets tailored to support aging joints and slow metabolisms. Knowing the life stage of the pet will help in defining the necessary rationing, which will be constantly adapted according to the pet’s growing needs. 

Weight and Body Condition Score (BCS): Evaluating both the weight and the BCS allows for comprehensive assessment of the pet’s nutritional requirements. Body condition score is a method used to evaluate the amount of body fat and overall health of pets. Weight, on the other hand, refers to the actual measurement of an animal's mass.
The shape in which your pet is, whether underweight, at an ideal weight, or obese, is crucial in determining their nutritional needs. Dynamic nutrition plans factor in weight and body condition score to adjust feeding recommendations, whether it is promoting weight gain, maintenance, or weight loss.  

Learn how to easily evaluate your pet’s Body Condition Score at this link

Activity level and lifestyle: Whether your pet is a couch potato, or a ball of energy impacts its calorie requirements. Sedentary pets may need fewer calories to maintain an ideal shape, while active pets require additional energy to fuel their lifestyle. Dynamic nutrition plans account for activity levels to ensure your pet receives the right balance of nutrients by adjusting the daily caloric intake.

Neutered/spayed pets: Neutering or spaying can have a direct effect on the metabolism of pets that are subject to this operation, slowing it down and predisposing them to rapid weight gain. Pets in this condition may require fewer calories and adjustments to their diet to prevent a tendency to be overweight or obese. Dynamic nutrition plans incorporate these changes and introduce food high in fiber that help promote a higher sense of satiety.

Special needs: Pets with special conditions such as pregnancy, food allergies, skin issues or digestive problems require tailored diets to address their unique requirements. Dynamic nutrition plans can accommodate these special needs by recommending specific diets to address specific issues or needs.

Putting the pieces together
Thanks to a tool created in collaboration with University Federico II in Naples (Italy), and refined over the years by the Farmina Vet Research team, our consultants can design nutrition plans that take into account all the possible variables to meet the specific and individual needs of each pet, complete with the ideal food, feeding amounts, and other useful tips regardless of its life stage and current conditions.

Have you created a dynamic nutrition plan for your pet?
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