How to teach the kitten to travel

How to teach the kitten to travel

Traveling isn’t just limited to dogs, cats take part in short weekend trips to a friend’s house, a hotel, or just simply on a road trip. Learning to wear a harness and walk on a leash allows the cat to access the outside environment even if it is used to living in an apartment. These experiences are enriching because they allow the cat to acquire new skills, favor the expression of certain behaviors such as scouting and exploring, change the daily routine and encourage encounters with unknown people.  

The Pet Carrier

To travel, the kitten must consider the pet carrier a place in which it can feel protected and safe. Here’s what to do:
  • Select the pet carrier based on the size of the small feline, so that the animal can move easily once inside. Over time, for the reason mentioned above, the cat will need a new carrier that is larger and more spacious.
  • Always leave the pet carrier available to the kitten from the moment of adoption, with the door open and a soft pillow inside. Close the door of the pet carrier and take the kitten to visit other parts of the house to let him observe "the world from above".
  • To enhance the travel experience, I recommend vaporizing the pheromones in the carrier (four or five sprays while leaving the carrier in the open air, for example on the balcony for ten minutes to facilitate the evaporation of the solvent present in the product).
After each trip, it is necessary to wash the inside of the carrier with warm water and a small amount of soap to eliminate the alarm pheromones that the cat emanates from the paws when it is uncomfortable or afraid. The perception of these molecules induces negative emotions and pushes the kitten to move away from the carrier! During the car ride, the cat must travel safely! The pet carrier can be placed in the trunk, at the passenger's feet, or on the seat itself secured with the seat belt. Pheromones can also be sprayed into the passenger compartment of the car, making sure that the alcoholic solvent evaporates before placing the carrier.

 Harness and leash: which one is best for the cat?

The kitten must learn to wear the harness and the leash before stepping into the outside world. Here's what to do: I recommend buying a harness with velcro and a safety hook and a leash about 2-3 meters long with a small and light carabiner. Show the kitten all of these new items by placing them on the ground so that he can smell them, touch them and make sure that they are not dangerous. Gently place the open harness on the back of the kitten as if it were a game and as the days go by let the cat wear it for a few minutes.Hook the carabiner and follow the cat’s movements while playing in a friendly context(throwing a ball, chasing a moving ribbon). During the first trips outside, is advisable to always stay close to the house, on the stairs of the building and in uncrowded streets so that the little feline can experiment without getting scared. Furthermore, thanks to the harness, the little feline can travel safely by car if tied to the appropriate belt.