Farmina Blog

Welcome to the Farmina Blog! Our love and passion for cats and dogs inspire us to develop scientifically validated nutritional diets according to their natural physical needs. We believe through a proper diet we can improve pet health and ultimately their happiness!

To promote our mission of animal wellness, we have launched Farmina On The Road. Farmina On The Road is our team of nutritional consultants that will be visiting local dog parks, various outdoor events, and to independent retailers in the main cities throughout the country to educate pet parents like yourself on proper nutrition and pet health. Look for our On The Road posts to find a Farmina Nutritional Consultant event happening near you.

Since we cannot be everywhere at once, we are launching our blog to share our knowledge and passion for animal nutrition and pet wellness with you online, so you can help your loved ones live a long and healthy life.

Stay tuned for our posts on nutrition, health, behavior, and more, that will help you improve the life of your pets and family.

Happy Pet. Happy You.