How much water should your pet be drinking?

Are you aware of your pet's ideal daily water intake?  If you have answered NO to this question, have no fear! The Farmina Genius can help you discover the ideal daily amount and how to properly monitor their intake.Water is synonymous with life and is considered an essential nutrient. As a result, correct hydration is crucial for your pet’s health just as much as a balanced diet.
Regardless of your pet’s life stage, whether it is a puppy, kitten, adult, or senior, this value must be monitored closely. The Farmina Genius is here to help Pet Parents understand more about water intake and how to act.

Factors that influence water intake
As a Pet Parent, you should be aware that there are several variables that must be taken into account when it comes to changes in your pet’s water intake. These potential changes and issues should be acted upon promptly in response to the first warning signs.
Environmental Conditions – Is it too hot or too cold outside? Changes in temperature may require a higher daily intake of water when it is hot, while when it is cold, your pet could have a lower sense of thirst and might not feel the need to drink as much water. Another environmental condition is when a pet is exposed to unfamiliar places. Bringing your pet to a new place and changing its daily habits may cause a reduction in their usual water intake amount.
Physical Activity – Changes in physical activity may also result in changes in water consumption. A higher amount of exercise will most likely entail a higher water intake while a more sedentary lifestyle may imply a lower water consumption.
Early-onset of pathologies – There are many diseases that can make your pet drink much more water compared to the recommended daily quantity such as diabetes and kidney issues. An increase in the water intake could be an early alarm bell, therefore it would be beneficial to quickly get in touch with your Vet.

How to easily measure water intake
To discover any anomalies and to tackle them at an early stage, Pet Parents must take the first steps towards monitoring their pet’s water consumption.
At home, on a three days per week basis, put a measured amount of water in the bowl and monitor how much is left after 24 hours. By averaging the three days you will come up with a reliable value to use as a reference.
When recording these values, simply download the Farmina Genius App and follow the instructions provided, you will be able to record the daily water intake and automatically calculate the average daily value. Your Farmina Genius Consultant will guide you step by step in monitoring water intake and the other important parameters for your pet’s health included in the Pet Care Program designed to provide a happier and healthier life for your pet.

Tip from the Farmina Genius
Measure your pet’s daily water intake effortlessly with the Farmina ‘’water monitoring bowl’’. This bowl has several notches that allow for simpler daily monitoring of water intake.