The Raw Materials

In all our food, especially in our top range products 'Natural & Delicious' and 'Vet Life Natural Diets', we perform an accurate selection of best raw materials, all made without GMO and with animal origin raw matarials "[...] which are fit for human consumption in accordance with Community legislation, but are not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons [REGULATION (EC) No 1069/2009 - Art. 10: paragraph a) and paragraph b)].


The fish, chicken, lamb, wild boar, and eggs used in our products come only from certified farms that we carefully selected for their high-quality standards. We only use fresh human grade meat from the animal, never any meals or by-products. All of our protein sources consume diets made without GMO and are all hormone and antibiotic free.  

Free-range italian chicken - A high biological value protein source that helps our product have a 95% digestibility rate. 

New Zealand lamb - This meat has a high biological value due to its naturally occuring essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, and also has a healthy ratio of lean to fat mass when compared to other red meats. Our grass-fed lamb is born and raised in New Zealand on antibiotic and hormone free pastures. 

Semi-wild italian boar from Tuscany and Umbria - though it is not a commonly used ingredient in cat and dog food, we purposefully selected it because of its high biological value.

Wild-caught cod and herring from the North Sea - the result is a higher quality fish that has a low level of chloride. 

Like our chicken, all of the eggs we use are sourced in Italy. We transport the eggs fresh to our shelling plants that transform the eggs into powder through the process of dehydration. This process guarantees the preservation of nutrients. 

To ensure the correct balance of essential amino acids, in some formulas, we integrate taurine, methionine, lysine, and cysteine. The addition of these amino acids helps to increase the biological value of the proteins in our food to meet the specific needs of each species and breed of animal.


Fats represent an important energy source as well as a source of essential fatty acids for carnivores. Fats are also used to help increase the palatability of our food.

Two of the fat sources used in our food are chicken fat - because it provides a higher value of polyunsaturated fatty acids than bovine or swine and is also highly palatable for animals - and fish oil - because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids particularly EPA and DHA which are very useful for anti-inflammatory purposes. We also use vegetable oil and linseed oil because they are rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid for both cats and dogs. 


Carbohydrates act as a source of readily available energy for cats and dogs. We use only GMO-Free spelt, oats, potato, and rice as our carbohydrate sources. Unlike many pet food manufacturers, we do not use corn in our products. We use ancestral cereals such as spelt and oats because they guarantee a better modulation of energy availability throughout the day. In foods and diets that require it, we sometimes will use potato and rice because they can provide a rapid energy boost. 

Using our innovative technology and accurate controls over the raw ingredients we use, we can guarantee excellent digestibility of our food. 

Fiber plays a significant role in regulating the transportation of food through the intestinal track and the absorption of nutrients. We use beet pulp, pea fiber, pure cellulose, dehydrate alfalfa, and Psyllium seeds as fiber sources in our food. These sources of fiber provide the following benefits:

Beet pulp - Helps to promote regular bowel movements and the formation of a proper stool consistency. 

Pea fiber - Is a high soluble fiber that creates a jelly-like mass in the digestive tract the slows the intestinal transit process and promotes the absorption of micronutrients.

Pure cellulose - Is a primary source of insoluble fiber in many of our formulas. Pure cellulose can support bowel movements and can be used in low caloric diets.

Dehydrated alfalfa - Is an excellent source of micronutrients such as carotene and calcium. 

Psyllium seeds - Are very rich in soluble fiber and are ideal in slowing food transit along the digestive tube while also promoting the absorption of nutrients and a good stool consistency.

Some ingredients we use also have prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) present that help eliminate pathogenic bacteria and toxins.

We pay particular attention to the fiber mix used in each formula by always taking into account the physiological and/or pathological condition of the animal. We also take the particular features of a species or breeds that are most predispose to certain pathologic conditions into account.


Vitamins are essential for a proper nutritional diet as they drive biochemical reactions in the body. All Farmina products contain a complete and balanced vitamin supplementation according to the physiological and developmental stage of the animal including the specific diet formulas we have developed to ensure the smooth operation of all vital functions. Vitamin supplementation prevents vitamin deficiencies that in some cases present specific and obvious symptoms and in others more subtle symptoms and a general weakening of the pet. 

Thanks to our post-extrusion process that protects vitamins from thermal stress and grants high bioavailability, our foods contain long lasting vitamins (Long Lasting Vitamin System).


Maximum care and attention went into our inclusion of macro and oligo-elements. We specifically balanced the minerals according to species, age, and the needs of your pet. 


We use nutraceuticals (compounds containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefit) and functional compounds (ingredients with specific beneficial properties besides nutritional effects) in our food formulas.

Some of the nutraceuticals we use are glucosamine, extracted from crustaceans, and chondroitin sulfate, derived from cartilaginous fish. Both nutraceuticals are useful in promoting the growth and repair of cartilage tissue. We also use marigold and lutein as natural antioxidants sources and for their anti-inflammatory effects. We also include isoflavones that provide a mild estrogenic action helpful in hormone balance in neutered animals.

Several of the functional compounds used in various combinations in our Natural & Delicious and Vet Life diets include:

Apple - It is rich in provitamin A, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, C, niacin, folic acid, flavonoids, and carotenoids.

Pomegranate - As a source of vitamins B, vitamin C, potassium and antioxidant polyphenols.

Blueberries and currant - They are rich in vitamin A and C, pectins, tannins, myrtillin and other anthocyanins (important protectors of retinoic vases).

Orange - As a source of complex vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, potassium, and calcium 

Flavonoids and grapeseed - They are rich in antioxidant compounds and help in reducing systemic hypertension.

Spinach - It is rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, folic acid and lutein (essential in retinal protection).

Carrot - It is rich in vitamin A.

Rosemary - It is rich in natural antioxidants.

Aloe vera - Acts as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, bacteriostatic that can help with skin repair.

Turmeric - It has skin healing properties and antioxidants.

Green tea - It is is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.

We developed a valuable mix of elements that are beneficial to the health of our four-legged family members.