Pourquoi N&D est un système de nutrition pour carnivores ?

Why Natural & Delicious is a nutritional system for carnivores?
An optimal nutrition system is the one that reproduces as closely as possible to a natural diet that is a biologically appropriate diet which respects the genetic of our four legged relatives.
Natural & Delicious is based on carnivore nutrition main principles.

  1. Low glycemic load and Index, tanks to the presence of few carbohydrates, present in minimal proportions.
  2. High Proteic Sources by fresh high biologic value meats.
  3. Balanced Vitamins and Minerals by fresh, high quality fruit and vegetables.
  4. Medicinal Plants with specific properties and targeted effects.
  5. Animal fats easily digestible.
  6. Absolute absence of complex cereals (Grain Free) or minimum quantities of Ancestral Cereals (without corn) and GMO Free (Low Ancestral Grain).
Natural & Delicious is an Italian product scientifically studied to be naturally appropriate to cats and dogs metabolism, thanks to the low glycemic index it helps to prevent obesity and diabetes.