The Raw Materials

Zdrowie i dobre samopoczucie zwierząt to kluczowe wartości, którymi kieruje się Farmina podczas tworzenia kompletnego i zbilansowanego pożywienia, dostarczającego psom i kotom w zależności od ich wieku, rasy oraz wagi, odpowiednią ilość białek, tłuszczów, węglowodanów, witamin i minerałów. To właśnie dlatego Farmina starannie wybiera produkty o jak najlepszych składnikach, pozbawionych surowców modyfikowanych genetycznie. Mięso używane w produkcji pochodzi od zdrowych zwierząt przeznaczonych do żywienia ludzi.

Chicken, lamb and wild boar meat, as well as eggs, come from certified farms and carefully selected for their high quality standards.
Chicken meat used in Farmina products comes from Italian chicken reared in open (with GMO Free diet) fresh from slaughter, without feathers and poor quality other parts. This helps in making this raw material a food with a high content in high biological value protein, with a 95% rate digestibility.
Lamb meat derives from New Zealand's extensive production and are selected for their higher content in essential fatty acids and linoleic acid with anticancer action, as well as having a good ratio of lean and fat mass than other red meats.
Farmina selects wild boar meat directly from Tuscany and Umbria semi-wild herds. This is a particularly valuable type of red meat, with high biological value and not commonly used as raw materials in dog and cat nutrition.
Eggs come from Italian herds, they are considered the protein source of reference for biological value and digestibility. They are transported fresh to the shelling plants and here transformed into powder through a process of dehydration for atomization, which guarantees the nutrients preservation of this food.
Fish species included in Farmina formulas are cod and herring, both from sea fishing and not for breeding, which guarantees the high quality of raw materials and a low chloride content.
In order to ensure the correct contributions in essential amino acids, Farmina shall integrate some diets with taurine, methionine, lysine and cystine. The addition of these amino acids helps to increase the biological value of food proteins of Farmina products to further meet the specific needs of different species and categories of animals.

In companion carnivores fats represent an important energy source, as well as an essential fatty acid source and a decisive factor of palatability.
Farmina selects as fats sources for its food mainly chicken fat and fish oil. Within vegetable oils, linseed oil is rich in linoleic acid, essential fatty acid both for dogs and cats.
Chicken fat, again from Italian suppliers, has a higher value of polyunsaturated fatty acids than bovine or swine ones and it is also palatable for animals.
Fish oil, coming from Scandinavia, is the animal fat richer in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, very useful for their anti-inflammatory action. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (the so called PUFAs) play an important role in skin and hair wellbeing and have anti-aging effects.

Carbohydrates are another important source of Energy energy for dogs and cats. In particular carbohydrates  as they provide readily available Energyenergy.
We don’t use corn, but only selected first choice GMO Free spelt, oats, potato and rice; the innovative technology we use and the accurate controls we take over raw materials guarantee an excellent digestibility.
The treatment with twin screw extruder allows a better mixing of the product and a better distribution of the heat, ensuring higher digestibility.
The use of ancestral cereals, such as spelt and oats, guarantees a better modulation of energy availability during the day.
In foods and diets that require it, sometimes we also use potato and rice, because these carbohydrates sources guarantee a rapid energy boost for the subject.

In a balanced food, the correct intake of fibre plays an important role in the regulation of intestinal transit of food ingested and influences the absorption of several nutrients.
Farmina products use as fiber sources beet pulp, pea fiber, pure cellulose and dehydrated alfalfa.
The beet pulp we use is Italian and promotes regular bowel movements and the formation of good stool consistency.
Pure cellulose, used in some diets formulas, is the main source of insoluble fiber. It is fundamental for intestinal peristalsis and it is especially indicated in treatments that require a reduction of caloric intake.
Pea fiber, high in soluble fiber, creates a jelly mass in the digestive tract that slows the intestinal transit and promotes the absorption of micronutrients.
Dehydrated alfalfa is a good source of micronutrients such as carotens and calcium.
The presence in the ingredients of some peculiar pre-biotic such as fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) plays a benefic action on the bowel by competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria and by selective sequester and elimination of any toxin.
Psyllium seeds are very rich in soluble fiber and are ideal in slowing food transit along the digestive tube, meanwhile they promote some nutrients absorption and a good stool consistency.
Farmina pays particular attention to the fiber mix to use in each formula, always taking into account the physiological and/or pathological condition of the animal or specific features of species or breed that most predispose a subject to certain pathologic conditions.

Vitamins are essential for proper nutrition because they are the most important driver of biochemical reactions in the body.
Vitamin deficiencies can in some cases present specific and obvious symptoms, in others more subtly or with a state of general weakening of the subject. It is thus mandatory guarantee the daily intake of appropriate amounts to grant a smooth operation of all vital functions. Vegetal natural extracts of grape seed and green tea boost the antioxidant action.
Farmina products' vitamin supplementation is also complete and balanced according to the physiological and developmental stage of the animal and of any pathology to treat which a specific diet has been developed..
Vitamins in Farmina food are longer lasting thanks to the post-extrusion integration which prevents them from thermal stress and grants highest bioavailability thanks to advanced and innovative technologies (Long Life Vitamins System).

Maximum care and attention are reserved to the inclusion of macro and oligo-elements, specifically balanced by species, age phisiopatologic condition of the animal they are intended to.
In the formulas of diets designed to treat specific pathological conditions Farmina Pet Foods pays particular attention to mineral compounds, adding or reducing each element concentration in order to compensate specific metabolic deficits of some pathological conditions and/or to preserve involved organs functionality.

Farmina uses both nutraceuticals (compounds with medicinal properties already present or extract by food) and functional compounds (ingredients with specific beneficial properties besides nutritional effects) in its food formulas.
One of the nutraceuticals we use is glucosamine, extracted by crustaceans, and chondroitin sulfate, extracted BY  cartilaginous fish, both useful in promoting growth and repair of cartilage tissue.
Several functional compounds are furthermore used in several combinations both in mantainence food and in clinical nutrition diets. Specifically we use several fruit extracts like apple, rich in provitamin A, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, C, niacin, folic acid, flavonoids and carotenoids; pomegranate is a source of vitamins of B group, vitamin C, potassium and antioxidant poliphenols; blueberry and currant are rich in vitamin A and C, pectines, tannins, mirtillin and other antocyans (important protectors of retinoic vases); orange, source of B complex vitamins and vitamin C, zinc, potassium, calcium and flavonoids and grapeseed which, rich in antioxidant complexes, help in reducing systemic hypertension.
In Farmina foods is possible to find also spinach, rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, folic acid and lutein (essential in retinal protection) and carrot, rich in vitamin A, and several medicinal plants such as rosemary, rich in natural antioxidants; aloe vera, with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, bacteriostatic and with skin repair action, turmeric, with important skin healing and antioxidant effects and green tea, rich in antioxidants polyphenols.
Within the other nutraceuticals, Farmina uses the integration with marigold as lutein and natural antioxidants source and for its peculiar anti-inflammatory effect and the integration with isoflavons, with a mild estrogenic action helpful in hormone balance in neutered animals.

A precious mix of elements useful to the health of our four-legged family members.