Farmina Vet Life

Farmina Vet Life Natural Diet is the new, revolutionary, veterinary range from Farmina Pet Foods, developed in close collaboration with the Department of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy. Using this scientific knowledge and experience allowed the development of ideal nutritional strategies, appropriate to the physiology of dogs and cats.

Only Natural Antioxidants
, tocopherols rich extracts which allow a natural preservation of the product.

Without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). While the European Union allows the use of GMOs, this is strictly regulated. Farmina goes beyond EU regulations, excluding potential GMO ingredients (such as corn) and using GMO Free Ancestral Cereals (spelt and oats).

Ancestral cereals are known as a Low Glycemic Index food which modulates the postprandial glycemic response. Farmina Vet Life Natural Diets products are also packed in a protective atmosphere to avoid oxidation of fats and preserve the product in a fresh state.

Respect as the basis for our scientific research 
Rather than using clinical trials performed in research colonies, Farmina collaborates with veterinarians all over Italy. Pets have the chance to improve their condition while still living with their families for the whole trial period, without any change in lifestyle except for their diet, fully respecting animal’s welfare.

Discover Farmina Vet Life, The best support for your pet’s well-being. 
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