Natural & Delicious

Years of scientific research in collaboration with the Animal Nutrition Department of the University of Naples Federico II in Italy allowed the Farmina Vet Research Group to formulate a nutritional system designed on the natural requirements of our four-legged family: Natural & Delicious, a nutritional system for carnivores in two exclusive formulas

Natural & Delicious Grain Free
, with 70% of highest quality animal origin raw materials, completely without cereals and GMO Free.

Natural & Delicious Low Ancestral Grain
, with 60% of highest quality animal origin raw materials, low levels of ancestral cereals (spelt and oats) and GMO free.

  • Natural & Delicious features a low glycemic index due to the absence of cereals in the Grain Free formulas and presence of low levels of ancestral cereals in Low Ancestral Grain. Both formulas are made without corn and allow a modular release of energy during the day;
  • GMO Free;
  • Gluten Free;
  • With only natural antioxidants, tocopherols rich extracts, which allow a natural preservation of nutrients;
  • Kept in a protective atmosphere. During the packaging step, we introduce nitrogen in the bags to replace oxygen resulting in the natural preservation of the product.
  • Rich in high quality vitamins, added “cold” for longer lasting effectiveness.