The Company

Angelo, Francesco and Nicola Russo
Angelo, Francesco and Nicola Russo

We are Italians. As Italians, everything we do centres on the love of the family. In our family food is very important and it keeps us together, and healthy. Love, care from the family and the attention and knowledge of dealing with food is what describes us, and is in our DNA.
Pets are in the heart of our family, and we love to see our pets happy. That is why making a happy pet is what motivates us to develop the best food for them, as we believe that nutrition is the key to improving and enhancing the quality of life for pets and their families.
In our everyday work science is utilised to improve the life of pets. Inspired by the natural environment of animals, we study their habits and behaviour to respect their instincts and nutritional needs. By serving them with the best nutrition inspired by nature and science, we are supporting our pets all the way from the first days with their families to senior age. For us nature is considered as the most important and unique source of ingredients for the food we make.
Science permeates our routine with studies, collaborations, discussions and ideas that result in nutritional solutions
Nature is our inspiration, the science our method. Farmina: Nature and science in perfect harmony.

Family values permeate our work and our history begins in Italy, more than 50 years ago, through the passion of a man for animal nutrition. It was 1965 when Mr. Francesco Russo founded the Russo Mangimi company specialising in animal nutrition. In that company Mr. Russo raised his children and passed on his values around animal wellness and thus the individual. In the meantime the family grew and with it also the company. In 1999, Dr. Angelo Russo, son of the owner Francesco, driven by a passion for companion animals decided to apply a new perspective to the pet food industry by developing foods that are the result of scientific studies centred on pets and their well-being.
Dr Russo began an ambitious route that drove him to start a collaboration with Farmina, an English company specialised in research and formulation of food for dogs and cats, which brought skills, trademarks and know-how. In a short time the positive customer response allowed the company to invest in technological research and development, and in setting up partnerships with leading independent research institutes such as the Animal Nutrition Department of the University of Naples Federico II. He also created Farmina Vet Research: a team of veterinarians and specialists in nutritional formulation that allowed a constant and systematic study of the best foods for the wellbeing of pets, thanks to the feedback that came from dozens of veterinarians with whom Farmina worked in long term cooperative relationships.
Farmina efforts spent in research made possible scientific publications in influential journals such as British Journal of Nutrition from Cambridge University.
Growing demand for Farmina products  worldwide brought the company to investments on technology and to open new production plants closer to those markets demanding the unique features of Farmina quality.
Today we are a great family with an Italian heart and what unites us is the great dream that lives in the heart of anyone who loves their pet: make them happy because their happiness makes our own. Happy pet, happy you.