How is N&D a nutritional system for carnivores?

HOW IS Natural & Delicious a nutritional system for carnivores?

Natural & Delicious reproduces, as close as possible, a natural diet that is biologically appropriate to the anatomy of our four-legged family members. We based the Natural & Delicious food formulas on these central principles of nutrition for carnivores. 

1. A Low-Glycemic Load and Index. 
We use few carbohydrates in minimal proportions.

2. High Amount of Protein. 
Our food contains only fresh high biologic value meats.

3. Balanced Vitamins and Minerals. 
We use only fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetables to create the ideal balance.

4. Nutritious Plants. 
We use plants that have specific properties that help support a carnivore's health.

5. Animal Fats. 
We used only easily digestible fats. 

6. The Absence of Complex Cereals.
That's why we developed a grain-free food and a low ancestral grain food that contains minimal quantities of GMO-Free spelt or oats, never corn.  

Natural & Delicious is an Italian product scientifically developed to be naturally appropriate for a cats or dogs metabolism. Thanks to a low glycemic index N&D can help prevent obesity and diabetes in your pet.