Farmina Vet Life


Farmina Vet Life is a new, revolutionary range of natural veterinarian diets designed to treat specific health conditions and/or prevent pathological states or their reoccurrence. With nature as our guide, we performed scientific research in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II to formulate our new diets. With our previous experience in developing nutritional strategies based on the physiology of cats and dogs, Farmina Vet Research was able to formulate the first natural veterinarian diet characterized by:

Using only natural antioxidants (tocopherols rich extracts) that allow for the natural preservation of food. Farmina Vet Life Natural Diet products are also packed in a protective atmosphere to avoid fats oxidation and to preserve the freshness of our product.

Ancestral cereals allow our food to have a Low Glycemic Index. 

Respect is the basis of our scientific research 

One of the unique characteristics of the clinical trials set up by Farmina Vet Research (FVR) is our full respect to the animal's welfare. We collaborate with dozens of independent veterinarians operating throughout Italy to offer nutritional solutions for cats and dogs. These pets have the chance to improve their well-being while remaining with their families throughout the trial period. The only change made to their habitual lifestyle is their diet. Results gained from this research have allowed Farmina meet the needs of veterinarians and pet owners to improve the quality and life expectancy of cats and dogs.

Discover Farmina Vet Life, the best support system for your pet’s well-being. 

For every problem, there’s a Farmina solution. 
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