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Angelo, Francesco, Nicola, and, of course, Francesca Russo.
Angelo, Francesco, Nicola, and, of course, Francesca Russo.

Farmina is a nutritional lifestyle made in italy.

“Everything we do is done with the same care and love we have for our own family. In our family, food is crucial because it not only brings us together but keeps us happy and healthy.

Like many families throughout the world, our pets are at the heart of our family, so it's just as important to us that they live a happy and healthy life.

Our goal is to use our passion and love for pets and food to improve the life of all pets and their families so they too can live a happier and healthier life. "

- Angelo Russo

Happy Pet. Happy You.


Farmina Pet Foods is a family owned and operated Pet Nutrition Company with 4 proprietary production facilities, including 3 dry food extrusion plants and one wet food manufacturing plant.1
Farmina Pet nutritional solutions are exported to over 60 countries. Farmina continues to pioneer in pet nutrition through ongoing independent scientific research and clinical trials and cooperates with several universities internationally. Farmina is committed to sourcing quality ingredients and formulation of diets backed by scientific research. All formulations occur in house and are developed in accordance with both FEDIAF and AAFCO guidelines. Leadership of our international formulation team includes a veterinarian with both a PhD and master’s degree in Animal Nutrition. Other members of the formulation team include 5 additional veterinarians (one with a specialized nutrition focus), 6 members with a master’s degree in Animal Feed Technology and 3 members with a bachelor’s degree in Food Technology.
Each production site is equipped with state of the art quality control labs2 (3 in total) operated by 4 Chemists, 3 Biochemists, 2 Master of Science degrees in Animal Feed Technology and 1 Bachelor of Science degree in Food Technology plus 2 Biologists, 1 Biotechnologist, and 6 lab technicians.
In addition to the resources mentioned above Farmina currently employs additional veterinarians in managerial positions. This includes 20 full time veterinarians including one DVM with a concurrent PhD, a DVM with a master’s degree, and a DVM with board certification in a respective specialty.
80 additional veterinarians contribute to international field support.
The Farmina Scientific Committee includes the leading scientists and veterinarians employed by the Company in the different technical departments plus the valuable expertise of the Professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples, Italy.
Pet Nutrition is a science in continuous evolution. Farmina has been contributing for over 15 years with the development of multiple scientific studies, several of which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals3. All scientific protocols are developed in cooperation with international leading universities and veterinary medical key opinion leaders. Studies are carried out though cruelty free recruitment and follow up under the rigorous supervision of the university leading the study. In most cases it takes about 2-3 years to complete a clinical study plus the time for submission and review of the scientific publication.
Farmina is pleased to announce that there are multiple studies in the publication phase and several others undergoing trial completion with the aim to further contribute to the advancement of pet nutrition worldwide.
Farmina also continues to lead the advancement of new production technologies in order to provide the safest and most bioavailable nutrition to support the different nutritional needs through the entire lifetime of every loved pet family member4.

1 Farmina Extrusion Plants Locations:
• Nola (Naples), Italy
• Municipality of Indjija (Belgrade), Serbia
• Bragança Paulista (San Paolo), Brazil
Farmina Wet Food Manufacturing Plant Location:
• Municipality of Indjija (Belgrade), Serbia
2 Quality control for both raw materials and fished products include microbiological analysis, NIR, and chemical
analysis among others. Farmina also utilizes third party labs in each production site as a secondary control in addition
to the controls performed by the local competent Health Authorities.
3 For indicative and not exhaustive purposes, below some of the studies published in valuable Journals, among others:
• Calabrò et al.; Management of struvite urolyths in dogs, British Journal of Nutrition 2011, (106), S191-S193
• Calabrò et al.; Fermentation characteristics of several carbohydrate sources for dog diets using the in vitro
gas production technique, Italian Journal of Animal Science 2013, vol. 12, e4
• Vassalotti et al.; Nutritional management of search and rescue dogs, Journal of Nutritional Science (2017),
vol. 6, e44
• Matricoti, Noli; An open label clinical trial to evaluate the utility of a hydrolysed fish and rice starch
elimination diet for the diagnosis of adverse food reactions in dogs, Veterinary Dermatology (2018), vol. 29
(5), 408-e134
• Chiofalo et al.; Grain free diets for utility dogs during training work: Evaluation of the nutrient digestibility
and faecal characteristics, Animal Nutrition (2019), Available online since May 20, 2019
4 Extrusion Plants technologies:
• Twin Screw Extrusion Technology: widely used in human food production, it allows for a better starch
gelatinization and a digestibility of the food 25% higher than food produced with single screw extruders.
• Cold Infusion Vacuum Technology: it allows for the preservation of all the heat-sensitive nutrients, as they are
added in a vacuum environment after the extrusion and drying process.
• Nitrogen Flush: Nitrogen replaces Oxygen inside the bag and helps in preventing food oxidation (i.e. food
going rancid)
• Just in time production: a production technique that allows to have the longest shelf-life possible.
Wet Food Plant Technologies:
• Multifiller Technology: First in its kind in Canning this technology allows to dose each single ingredient
• Single Step Cooking Process: this technique is meant to reach T0 for all the different type of foods, which
means the lowest temperature possible to kill all bacteria inside the can. By doing this, all the ingredients are
preserved at best and nutrients are all kept inside the can.


Today we are united by the same dream: to give our pets long, happy lives.


January 28, 2018
It has come to Farmina’s attention that someone is attempting to impersonate our founder and CEO in an attempt to perpetrate a scam on would be employees of Farmina and on other types of transactions. PLEASE BE ADVISED that any communications for employment or otherwise with Farmina should only be through our corporate offices via the contact information listed on this website. Under no circumstances would any Farmina employee or representative ever contact you through other means, via social media or otherwise. 
We are currently investigating the matter and taking proper legal steps to address this issue. If you have been contacted by any person that purports to be Farmina representative, please contact us at our corporate offices at We thank you for your cooperation.
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