Измерване и проследяване на теглото на Вашия домашен любимец

Измерване и проследяване на теглото на Вашия домашен любимец

As owners, we must constantly remember that weight is a key factor in the overall health and well-being of our pet. Maintaining an ideal body weight is an effective way to limit the occurrence of related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and reproductive problems. No worries! The expert support of Farmina Genius and your veterinarian is here to keep your pet happy and healthy. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires effort, but it is always worth trying with proper nutrition and exercise! However, in addition to your efforts, you need to be consistent in monitoring your weight to evaluate the results of implementing a weight loss plan and avoiding a diet after reaching the desired weight. Whether your pet is underweight, overweight or overweight, you can rest assured about the smooth path to well-being! Let's see how you can measure and keep your pet's weight under control!

Easily determine the weight of the pet

Let's start with the basics. Determining your pet's weight depends, first and foremost, on its size. Mini breed dogs, cats, adolescent puppies and kittens can be weighed using ordinary kitchen scales. This way we can determine the weight with great accuracy, which is extremely important, because even a few grams are important for very small pets. Slightly larger dogs and cats can be weighed directly on a simple scale or by measuring yourself with your pet in your arms and then weighing yourself separately. Then subtract the difference between the two values ​​you will get the weight of the pet. Larger dogs need a special scale! Farmers can always count on special scales, which can be found in our Farmina Genius centers or in your veterinary clinic . Don't know where Farmina Genius is closest to you? Just ask your Genius consultant in the chat.

Tips from Farmina Genius

  • If you can comfortably lift your dog, you can weigh it with a simple scale by weighing it together and then subtracting your weight from the total
  • To track and provide comparable data, weigh your pet under the same conditions. It is recommended to weigh it in the morning, at about the same time during the day or before the first meal
  • If your growing puppy or kitten does not want to stand still on the kitchen scale, for easier use the technique described for measuring with a simple scale.
  • If your dog is too heavy to lift, you can place a larger and stable platform on the scale for the pet to step on. Then subtract the weight of the platform from the total weight again.
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Проследяване на теглото на Вашия домашен любимец точно на една ръка разстояние

След като сте измерили теглото на домашния си любимец, с помощта на препоръчаните методи, е време да разберете неговото идеално тегло, което да проследявате периодично и да създадете устойчив 360° план с експертните съвети на Вашия Genius консултант. Започнете като свалите приложението Farmina Genius БЕЗПЛАТНО на смартфона си и регистрирате домашния си любимец в Програмата за управление на здравето. Записвайте периодично теглото на домашния си любимец и се допитвайте до Вашия Genius консултант, който ще предостави експертна помощ чрез разработване на динамичен хранителен план. Планът взема предвид всяка уникална нужда, която ще помогне на Вашия прекрасен домашен любимец да достигне или поддържа желаното целево тегло. With the help of your veterinarian, these regular check-ups will help adjust your diet to meet new needs, increase activity or other changes in life. The dynamic diet plan includes daily rations and frequency of feeding your pet with his favorite food Farmina. The pet will not only reach an ideal weight and acquire a healthier lifestyle, but will also enjoy the process, trying the most delicious recipes! Don't wait! Take the first step towards your pet's well-being, measure his weight and then download the Farmina Genius app! Our Genius consultants are ready to help with their in-depth knowledge and smile.