Why Choose GMO-Free Pet Food?

A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques including the addition, deletion, or modification of gene elements. The European Union uses a precautionary principle approach in regards to GMOs since at the current time it's difficult to determine if they cause any dangerous effects on humans, animals, or the environment. All GMO products in the European Union undergo specific regulations and restrictions.  

Although the European Union allows the use of GMOs, Farmina goes beyond their precautionary principle by using only 100% certified GMO-Free raw materials in our Vet Life and Natural & Delicious foods. We avoid using corn which is a commonly used ingredient in pet food and instead use ancestral cereals typical of traditional Italian foods such as spelt and oats. We also use tubers such as potatoes to help bind the ingredients together. 

We chose not to use GMO ingredients to safeguard the health of every pet.

It's hypothesized that foods containing GMOs could potentially introduce new toxins or allergens in previously safe and healthy food, transmit antibiotic resistance, and in the long run reduce the nutritional value of food. Some studies revealed that animals fed genetically modified crops had fine structural configurations of the ileum, cell proliferation in the stomach walls and intestines, abnormal gene expressions, structural and functional changes in hepatocytes, synthesis of zymogen, an increase in kidney and heart lactate dehydrogenase levels, increase in triglycerides, liver hypertrophy, alteration of renal parameters, general hepatorenal toxicity occasionally associated with cardiac, adrenal, or spleen involvement.

The spread of GMOs may also lead to alterations in the environment by causing a reduction in biodiversity, the transmission of plant pesticide resistance, and the promotion of evolution of more resistant parasites. Changes in our environment pose a risk to the delicate balance of our ecosystem. 

The actions we take are based on our respect for nature as the ecosystem we live in as well as the health and happiness of our four-legged family members.