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Happy and Healthy Pets
Our common goal

Are you passionate about pet health and nutrition?
So are we!

At Farmina, we believe that a healthy diet is crucial to a pet's overall well-being.
Every pet has unique nutritional requirements based on their health and lifestyle.
To formulate the best possible nutrition plan for each individual, it is important to keep track of the its health indicators.

That's why we've decided to create the Farmina Vet Club.
An exclusive network with the purpose to facilitate collaboration between Farmina Nutrition Consultants and veterinary professionals, all with the goal of guiding pet parents through the best wellness journey for their furry friends.

Join us in our mission in making Happier and Healthier pets.

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As a valid member of the Farmina Vet Club, you will have the support of our team of experts as well unlimited access to the latest research and insights on pet health and nutrition, and much more.

Together, we can create the best personalized health plans that support the well-being of every pet.

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Discover the advantages and benefits of the membership

  • Access to special offers, services and up to 30% discount for you and your staff's pets on Farmina products
  • Updates on new products
  • Access to the Farmina Vet APP Tool (available by 1st of May)
  • Assistance from our Farmina Genius Consultants, for you and your customers
  • Access to Farmina's Vet Research Studies and Papers

Key Features

Updates on new products and Access to special offers and discounts

Get exclusive early access to new products, including a specific training on its benefits and features.

Enjoy special offers, up to 30%, on our full range of products, made with only the best ingredients.
With regular discounts and promotions, you'll be able to give your customers the best nutrition at an affordable price.

Access to Farmina Vet APP tool (available by 1st of May)

An easy to use software to insert the most important health exams and vaccinations, as well as keeping track of the pet patients' overall health status and nutrtion.

By using the Vet App, you can prescribe Farmina products and services directly to your clients. Additionally, you will have access to the Farmina Nutrition tool, which provides comprehensive nutritional information and advice for pets of all ages and sizes.

Streamline communication with your customers, thanks to the integrated booking system. This system allows you to easily schedule appointments, send reminders, and receive updates from your customer pet parents. Thus reducing the time and effort required for administrative tasks and helping you focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

More value for you and your customers

At Farmina, we're committed to supporting pet care professionals in providing exceptional care to their clients and their furry friends. That's why we're proud to offer an Extra Aftercare Service dedicated to your customers.

By joining the Farmina Vet Club your clients can take full advantage of the support of our FarminaGenius Consultants and will have access to free personalized nutrition plans as well as additional dietary and  health advice. 

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Access to Farmina's Vet Research Studies and Papers

The Farmina Vet Research is a team of first-class professionals in nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, and food formulation, driven by the common goal of serving the well-being of pets. 

Throughout the years, the team has worked closely with several prestigious Universities, and collaborated in research, studies and in the publication of white papers in some of the most prestigious medical journals.

As a member of the Farmina Vet Club you will have exclusive access to the published material.

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