Natural & Delicious grain free feline

Years of scientific research in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition of University of Naples Federico II led Farmina Vet Research group to formulate a nutritional system designed on the nature of our four-legged family: Natural & Delicious Grain Free, the nutrition system for carnivores completely without cereals and GMO Free, with with 70% of really high quality animal origin raw materials.

Farmina guarantees 100% of its products with the formula of "Satisfaction Guarantee".
Farmina guarantees all products in e-commerce with the formula "money back". To use them you must return the box with at least 80% of its content. And it's possible to replace a Farmina product, with another of equal commercial value, no later than 5 days of purchase.

  • Natural & Delicious can prevent obesity and diabetes thanks to its low glycemic index obtained by cereals absence, allow a modular release of energy during the day;
  • GMO Free;
  • Gluten Free;
  • With only natural antioxidants, tocopherols rich extracts, which allow a natural preservation;
  • Kept in a protective atmosphere. During the packaging step, we introduce nitrogen in the bags to replace oxygen granting a natural preservation of the product.
  • Rich in high quality vitamins that, added “cold”, have a longer lasting effectiveness.