Convalescence formula canină

Nutritional recovery & convalescence. Farmina Vet Life Convalescence is a complete dietetic food formulated for the nutritional recovery of adult dogs. It is also indicated for the treatment of subjects debilitated by specific and nonspecific diseases.

Convalescence formula canină
Disponibil în variantele: 2kg

Dehydrated chicken meat, rice, animal fat, dehydrated whole eggs, oats, dried beetroot pulp, linseed, fish oil, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable oil, pea fiber, inulin (0.6%), potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, brewer's dried yeast, monodicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, glucosamine (0.025%), chondroitin sulphate (0.025%).

Mod de acțiune

High biological value of protein source helps to support the recovery of adult dogs debilitated by various diseases. It is especially indicated for the alimentary management after surgical operations. High energetic density and digestibility of the diet permit recovery of ideal body weight. Vacuum coater technology guarantees the efficacy of inulin, EPA/DHA and green tea.

ingrediente și nutriție

Aditivi per kg

Aditivi nutriționali: Vitamina A 15000 UI; Vitamina D3 900 UI, Vitamina E 600mg; Vitamina C 150 mg; niacină 38g; acid pantotenic 15mg; vitamina B2 7.5 mg; Vitamina B6 6mg; Vitamina B1 4.5 mg; Vitamina H 0.4 mg; acid folic 0.45 mg; Vitamina B12 0.06 mg; clorură de colină 3000 mg; beta-caroten 1.5mg; chelat de zinc al analogului hidroxilat al metioninei 970mg; chelat de mangan al analogului hidroxilat al metioninei 400mg; chelat feros al hidratului de glicină 185 mg; chelat de cupru al analogului hidroxilat al metioninei 68mg; seleniometionină 0.68mg; iodat de calciu anhidru 2.4mg; Dl-Metionină 2200mg; L-lizină HCI1500mg;L-cistină 1500mg; Taurină 1000mg; L-carnitină 300mg. Aditivi organoleptici:extract de ceai verde 100mg. Antioxidanți: extracte bogate în tocoferoli naturali 10mg.

Valori analitice

Raw protein 32.00%; raw oils and fats 22.00%; raw fiber 1.40%; raw ashes 7.80%; calcium 1.40%; phosphorus 1.00%; sodium 0.35%; potassium 0.70%; magnesium 0.10%; Omega-3 fatty acids 0.40%; Omega-6 fatty acids 3.10%; EPA 0.10%; DHA 0.15%.

Valoare energetică

EM Kcal/Kg 4016 - Mj/Kg 16,80

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