What raw ingredients are used in Natural & Delicious products?


Natural & Delicious foods all use one of these protein sources as a base; chicken, lamb, wild boar, or fish. Many of our products also contain eggs. All of the meats we use are slaughtered fresh and are free of antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives. We also never use animal by-products in our foods. 

The chickens we use are always fresh and come from Italian free range chickens suppliers that feed them a GMO-free diet. We never include any low-quality animal parts in our food such as feathers, beaks, bones, etc. to ensure our food has a high biological value and a 95% digestibility rate. 

The lamb we use originates from New Zealand. We selected lamb as a protein source due to its high content of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid which has anti-cancer properties, and its healthy ratio of lean to fat mass when compared to other red meats.

We source the wild boar meat we use from semi-wild herds in Tuscany and Umbria. Though it's not a commonly used ingredient in cat and dog food, we purposefully selected it because of its high biological value.

The Fish species we use are cod and herring, both of which are caught in the wild, not sourced from fish farms. The result is a higher quality fish that has a low level of chloride. 

Like our chicken all of the eggs we use come from Italy. We transport the eggs fresh to our shelling plants that transform the eggs into powder through the process of dehydration. This process guarantees the preservation of nutrients. 

To ensure the correct balance of essential amino acids, in some formulas, we integrate taurine, methionine, lysine, and cysteine. The addition of these amino acids helps to increase the biological value of the proteins in our food to meet the specific needs of each species and breed of animal.


Fats represent an important energy source as well as a source of essential fatty acids for carnivores. Fats are also used to help increase the palatability of our food.

Two of the fat sources used in our food are chicken fat because it provides a higher value of polyunsaturated fatty acids than bovine or swine and is also highly palatable for animals and fish oil because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids particularly EPA and DHA which are very useful for anti-inflammatory purposes. We also use vegetable oil and linseed oil because they are rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid for both cats and dogs. 


Natural & Delicious foods all contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals through a careful selection of fresh fruit and vegetables such as pomegranate, apple, orange, black currants, blueberries, spinach, and carrots.

  • Apple and pomegranate are healthy sources of fiber that can aid in the digestion process. They are rich in phytonutrients and natural antioxidants, which protect against free radicals. 
  • Currants and blueberries contain vitamins and natural antioxidants that fight aging and heart disease.
  • Spinach in addition to being rich in vitamins contains iron and other minerals with purifying and anti-anemic properties.
  • Orange is a source of Vitamin C and minerals salts that promote diuresis along with having  purifying properties.
  • Carrots contain vitamin A and antioxidants.


The natural diet for cats and dogs contains very few carbohydrates because their metabolism has evolved to take energy from protein and animal fat. Therefore, carbohydrates should not be the primary source of calories for our pets since they could contribute to the onset of diseases related to overweight like diabetes and insulin resistance. For this reason, Natural & Delicious products contain almost zero carbohydrates.
Unfortunately, the majority of pet foods on the market consist of 40% to 60% carbohydrates due to the presence of industrial cereals.

N&D Products DO NOT use corn but only GMO-FREE ancestral grains typical of traditional Italian foods such as spelt and oats.


Natural & Delicious products contain the medicinal plants that animals instinctively seek out and eat to cure their health and improve their overall well-being. 

We enrich Natural & Delicious products with alfalfa, psyllium, rosemary, turmeric, aloe vera and green tea which tone and strengthen the organs and tissues while inciting the elimination of toxins.